Am I Pansexual Quiz? Test Yourself

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Am I Pansexual Quiz

Am I pansexual quiz will help you expand your knowledge about the types of sexual orientations in general, as well as determine whether you belong to such a variety as pansexuality. By answering the questions asked to yourself in the process of self-knowledge, you will be able to expand your opportunities in communication with people around you and finally realize your sexual orientation. So, let’s get started!

What is pansexuality?

Pansexuality is a type of sexual orientation that denotes romantic feelings for other people, regardless of their gender and biological sex. The attraction in this case can be:

  • Emotional;
  • Psychological;
  • Sexy.

The key principle of this kind of orientation is: “I love a person, not his gender!”.

According to researchers and sexologists, the emergence of a new sexual orientation occurred back in the 90s. It was then that they began to use this term and actively study this type of relationship.

Interesting fact! The word itself turns out to have been mentioned by Sigmund Freud, but because of religious beliefs, the society has long rejected this topic. The pansexual was an outcast for others.

Now times have changed, and sexologists have begun to actively study this behavior. Expert Nikki Goldstein claims that it is in modern realities that young people most often think about their own sexuality and delve into the topic of orientations.

How do pansexual people look for a partner, what do they pay attention to?

  1. Personal qualities of a person;
  2. Common ideals;
  3. The emotional component;
  4. Personal compatibility;
  5. External attractiveness, which does not depend on the biological sex of the object of adoration.

But isn’t this called bisexuality? Actually, no!

How does pansexuality differ from bisexuality?

To begin with, let’s figure out what bisexuality is? Bisexuality is an emotional, psychological and also sexual attraction only to people of their own and the opposite biological sex. This fact is the main difference — for bi-persons, the gender of a person is important, and for pansexuals — not. As scientists say: “they are gender blind.” So, how do you determine your belonging to such an orientation?

Am I pansexual quiz?

Based on the answers to the test and information about pansexuality, you can determine your orientation and understand whether you are a pansexual, or you are bisexual or you are attracted only to people of the opposite sex. But how to accept yourself?

Accepting your sexuality orientation

Non-heterosexual orientation is an innate factor, so you should not pay attention to the censure from society. The acceptance of one’s sexual orientation begins first of all with the realization of a variant of the norm of one’s preferences. Life will become really bright and rich after you bring freedom of action into it and free yourself from the majority opinion.

So, having passed the “Am I Pansexual Quiz?” you have determined that you have pansexuality. Study your behavior, accept yourself and, finally, live!

Am I Pansexual. Percentage of people in the US identifying as LGBT

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