Sexual Orientation Test

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Sexual orientation test

Sexual orientation is something that can make you worry at the moment of growing up. Many teenagers often have a question about their orientation and gender identity, but they can not always be sure of the accuracy of their assumptions. Our sexual orientation test will help you in the answer. In addition to this quiz, we have written an article on this topic. In it you will get the most necessary information, and you will find answers to the main questions.

What is sexual orientation?

Sexual orientation is a feature of sexual or romantic attraction, or a combination of the first and second to a person of the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes. Sexual orientation is divided into many groups, here are some of them:

  • Heterosexuality (people who are attracted to the opposite sex);
  • Homosexuality (people who are attracted to their own sex);
  • Bisexuality (those who are attracted to both sexes);
  • Transgender (feeling like a person of the opposite sex);
  • Asexuality (not experiencing sexual attraction);
  • Pansexuality (not paying attention to the gender of their partner).

Some groups of scientists believe that the manifestation of any sexual orientation is determined by a quarter of the genome, but despite this, no one has yet found such a gene that is responsible for orientation. Also, a genetic test is unlikely to help you determine your attraction to any of the sexes. Homosexuality is not only about sexual relations between people of the same sex. All gays and lesbians experience the same feelings and emotions as heterosexuals, no one can force themselves to love or stop loving. You can’t choose a sexual orientation. Also, many years of research prove that sexual orientation does not affect mental, physical and mental development.

How to understand and accept your sexual orientation

There are many different sexual orientation tests and quizzes. But as it is already known, it is also associated with a romantic orientation. And you can determine it by your mental and physical reactions. Try to understand who you like, who you are falling in love with. But it is not always so easy for people to accept their orientation, there are many fears, self-rejection. Fears associated with rejection in society, in the family, it seems that you are not like others. Non-traditional sexual orientation is the norm, these people are the same as everyone else. Understand that you should be the most important person in your life, love yourself for who you are. You can apply for special psychological help, or to some communities of people with a similar problem.

Is it possible to change the orientation

If you are attracted to a certain gender, then you can’t change your orientation specifically. Many homosexuals live happily and feel absolutely normal, but some are under pressure from society and are thinking about changes. But homosexuality or bisexuality is not a disease and does not require any treatment. Many gays and lesbians who tried to cure their orientation earned more mental disorders and neuroses. Some scientists confirm the fact that if a person of traditional orientation enters into a one-time relationship with a representative of his own sex, it will not immediately change his instincts. Sexual orientation should also not be confused with sexual identification or behavior, which can also be influenced by society.

Statistics on how LGBT Americans identify themselves by sexual orientation
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