Am I Lesbian Quiz?

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Am i lesbian quiz

Despite the division of orientation into traditional and non-traditional, both existed even before our era. Confirmation of this can be found in historical sources, as well as captured in art objects. However, clear terms began to appear only in recent decades. If at the beginning of the 21st century minorities were designated with the help of 4 letters LGBT, then by the 20s this abbreviation expanded, taking into its circle less obvious representatives of non-traditional orientation. It is currently read as LGBTQIA+. But let’s turn only to the first letter. Many girls ask the question “Am I a lesbian?”, even if they have a heterosexual orientation. To get to know yourself better, we offer to pass: “Am I lesbian quiz?”.

Who are lesbians?

A lesbian is a biological woman who is attracted to romantic and sexual relationships exclusively with biological women. Since recently the concept of sexuality has become much broader than before, and society has learned about the existence of asexuals, aromatics, pansexuals, etc., the term “lesbian” has become more blurred. For example, a lesbian may have an exclusively sexual attraction to a woman and not consider a romantic and spiritual relationship with a woman. Or, on the contrary, a woman may be interested in an exceptionally serious relationship with a woman, she may strive to create a family with another woman, but she is not interested in sex at all. The only thing that will always unite all lesbians is the lack of interest in the male sex at all levels.

How do you know that you are a lesbian?

During the hormonal surge, especially in adolescence, it is important for everyone to find their own place in the world. Every girl strives to identify herself and understand which group she belongs to. However, you should not rush to conclusions, even if it seems that you are only interested in women. Orientation is a factor inherent in each of us from birth. But to realize it, to understand the nature of your own desires and feelings, it may take a long time: months or even years. In a heterosexual social circle, it can be difficult to immediately determine your orientation. This is because lesbians do not feel dislike for the male sex. They may not know about their nature until they try a relationship with a man. Awareness of your orientation is a long, painstaking work that requires introspection. The main thing in this case is to listen to yourself, your feelings, try to recognize the slightest signals: what you like and what you don’t like in relationships and communication with both sexes.

Accepting your sexual orientation

This step comes after the girl realized her involvement in the LGBT community or began to speculate about her orientation. Self-acceptance for many becomes a difficult experience for various reasons. First, we live in a society focused on heterosexual people. The overall picture can be assessed by recalling all the films with the main characters of non-traditional orientation. In recent years, there have been more and more of them, and yet the world is changing too slowly, and therefore, after learning about her orientation, a girl can feel lonely. Although there are not so few gays and lesbians around, many of them prefer to hide their orientation. This can only increase the feeling of rejection and loneliness. Another problem is the rejection of friends and relatives (or the fear of this rejection). Many girls have to break off relations with their family after coming out. All this can lead to the idea that being a lesbian is bad, and it becomes more difficult to accept your sexual orientation. However, this is the part of you that cannot be changed. The support of loved ones, the search for your social circle and psychotherapy will help you stay in harmony with yourself and live a happy life.

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