Am I Gay or Straight Quiz?

by qUIzoW
Am i gay quiz

Many girls and guys at the moment of knowing themselves understand that something is wrong with them, they like people of their own sex. In this am I gay quiz, we will help you find out. For a better understanding, people should be very frank with themselves and with the quiz they are taking. It is very simple and will not take much time.

Myths about gays

Homosexuality is an attraction to members of one’s own sex. Usually people of this orientation are called gay or lesbian. It takes a lot of time for a person to understand their orientation, but usually already in adolescence, they begin to realize that they do not like the opposite sex. Science has proved that homosexuality is not a disease, but a common phenomenon not only in the modern world, but it used to be. Homosexuality just needs to be accepted. There are many myths about such people:

  1. The first myth is that gay parents can’t raise a good child, a straight one. This is an erroneous statement, because there are many examples when a homosexual couple raised a straight child.
  2. The second myth is that being gay is a conscious choice of a person and it can be corrected. Scientists have proved that sexual orientation is influenced by the environment and human biology.
  3. The third myth is that your son communicates with a gay man, so he will become gay. No, orientation doesn’t work that way.

Is it possible to cure homosexuality? Although LGBT parades are held in the modern world, people who are attracted to their gender cannot accept themselves. And as a result, they are trying to recover from homosexuality. There are even several treatment options that psychologists have come up with. But this does not help, because homosexuality is not some kind of disease for which there is a cure. Usually people become gay from birth, and even the surrounding world can not affect so much that a person will change his orientation.

Am I gay quiz?

This question is asked by boys who do not have a strong attraction to girls. To help you finally decide on this, we have created this quiz and we hope that it will help you a lot.

The world treats people of non-traditional orientation badly, but if you are gay or another LGBT representative, then you should not try to change yourself, because it is impossible to change it. First you need to accept yourself. Let’s start with self-acceptance, this is a long way that all people go through at different times. There are several stages of accepting your orientation.

  • The first stage is doubt, a person doubts his homosexuality, but still does not fully realize that he does not like the opposite sex.
  • The second stage is comparison, homosexuals try to compare their lives with the lives of other people. And gay people think that their life is wrong and they are trying to change their orientation.
  • The third stage is internal self-acceptance. A person is already internally sure that he is gay and does not want to change himself. At this stage, close people help well.
  • The fourth stage is synthesis, a person ceases to divide the world into two types of people, he understands that all people in the world are connected and there is no need to divide them into gay and straight people.

Acceptance by family and friends is different. Only they can decide to accept a person with a different orientation or not, but if they are the closest people, they will accept any choice of a person. Of course, it will take time, but at one point they will understand that a person with a different orientation is also a person. Homosexuals feel oppressed because even their own family cannot accept them, and what can we say about the rest of the world.

Map of friendly and unfriendly countries for gays
Results of the Gay Travel Index (higher is more liberal)

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