Am I Asexual or Not Quiz?

by qUIzoW
Am I Asexual Quiz

Many people are wondering about their sexual orientation and among them there are those who do not experience sexual attraction at all, does this mean that you are asexual? We will try to help you answer this question with this “Am I Asexual Quiz?”. But before you get an answer to it, it is worth understanding who is an asexual and what is asexuality?

What is it?

Asexuality is a condition in which a person does not feel sexual attraction or does not experience psychological pleasure when engaged in it. It should be immediately indicated that the concepts of hypolibidemia (or frigidity) and asexuality are not identical: the first refers to the number of sexual dysfunctions and is recognized as a disease, the second is the lack of sexual orientation (although there are still discussions about the definition of this term). There has been little research on asexuality. Of the already conducted surveys, there is a survey conducted in the UK, during which only 1% of respondents said that they have never experienced sexual attraction to anyone. Until recently, asexuality as a phenomenon was generally absent in the public consciousness. However, now the situation is beginning to change for the better.

Unlike other sexual orientations that a person feels in the process of growing up or when an attraction appears, everything is much more complicated with asexuality. As already mentioned above, such a phenomenon has not been known to society for a long time. There are many possible reasons: this is also a marriage in which the spouses were guided by economic interests or household convenience, which is why physical intimacy was simply superfluous. Also, such people could simply not create a family and not start a relationship.

Relationships and asexuality

If suddenly a person realizes that he is asexual, then he is naturally overtaken by a terrible question: “can I really not have a family?”. And it would seem that this is so. Forcing yourself to have sex is terrible, for your partner it will look almost like rape. And is there really no solution to this problem? Of course there is. It is important to understand that not everyone in a relationship is important for sex. It is important to choose the right partner for a relationship, indicating your sexual orientation before starting a serious relationship. If your partner understands and respects you, then believe me, your relationship will be warm and tender even without sex.

Asexuals in history

Despite the fact that this term has been studied quite recently, examples of asexuality are also found among famous people of antiquity. For example, the famous Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, who led a closed lifestyle. During his entire life, he did not have a relationship and was not married, which forced others to put forward different hypotheses about his sexual orientation. Also worth noting is Isaac Newton. Yes, yes, the same Newton who was the first to formulate the law of universal gravitation and the three basic laws of mechanics. According to contemporaries, Newton never had a wife and relationships, he devoted all his time to science, sometimes even to the detriment of sleep and meals. There is no doubt about this scientist that he was asexual – his passion was science, and physical satisfaction was the least of his worries.

What should I do?

The 21st century has become quite revolutionary in the world of sex and sexual education. More and more people are not shy about their preferences, do not try to hide and suppress it. More and more you can find support for your sexual interests from the public. So, despite the answer that you will receive during this “Am I Asexual Quiz?”, you do not need to be shy about it. This is normal, there is nothing terrible about it.

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