Am I Bisexual Quiz?

by qUIzoW
Am i bisexual quiz

Every person in the period of puberty or who has reached it is faced with self-awareness. Experiencing emotional, romantic, sexual or sensual drives, he involuntarily thinks about the norm of their manifestation. With this am i bisexual quiz, we hope to help you in realizing your sexual attraction. Any of the types of attraction can manifest itself to male or female persons, and sometimes equally to both, at the same time. The widespread tolerance to homosexual orientation is no longer surprising and does not cause sharp criticism of a person, but it is considered as a psychological phenomenon with its own causes and certain behavioral traits.

Who is a bisexual?

A bisexual is primarily a person who has an equal passion for the male and female sex at the same time. There is an opinion that bisexual behavior is a disorder of the hormonal background or injuries of the unformed child’s psyche, but sex therapists believe otherwise. Of course, a person’s personality is influenced by genetics, personal relationships in the family, the society surrounding him. Before the onset of puberty, children are mostly friends by gender, growing up they form their own concepts based on the surrounding reality. Thus, if the society surrounding them accepts bisexuality as the norm, then this will be the norm for the child.

For example, the ancient Romans and Greeks considered bi relationships to be the norm, they showed love and passion, and what sex the partner was did not matter. China was also tolerant of the bisexuality of its emperors. Ancient India, on the contrary, practiced fines and cruel punishments for sexual acts with persons of the same sex. Nowadays, social norms dictate the correctness of heterosexual relationships, although in creative circles bisexual behavior is a normal phenomenon. Thus, sexual orientation directly depends on the norms accepted in society.

Am I bisexual?

The understanding of one’s belonging can change throughout one’s life. Often, teenagers experience a craving for both sexes, while not giving it any seriousness, and growing up they consciously abandon their needs. Sometimes this refusal occurs to please someone or under pressure from outside. If the concept of one’s desire or needs goes against the norms of society, the problem of self-identification arises. A person is afraid to identify himself, denying his needs, while the effect of personality suppression occurs. To test yourself, it is enough for a person to understand himself, think about his desires, pass this quiz and other professional psychological tests to determine a subconscious predisposition.

Accepting yourself as bi

The acceptance of one’s sexual orientation depends on the maturity of a person, as well as his social relations. Bisexuality of people is an opening to experiments, increased sensuality and emotionality. The complexity of bisexual orientation is discrimination on the part of heterosexuals. Misunderstanding on the part of society leads to frequent nervous personality disorders. It should be understood that no one should prove to anyone — it’s up to you to decide how to define yourself, this is a personal matter for everyone and should not depend on the opinion of the majority or will be determined by society.

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